Signature Services

     👉 What are your goals? Discover the most suitable session based on your goals and preferences. Relish each season with seasonal Special Offers.

Do you need guidance in navigating the holistic healthcare system? Do you feel lost or blocked in your life's trajectory? Wellness, business, career, or spiritual development will be best for you via Holistic Coaching. 

Are you seeking quietude and gentleness to process grief, trauma, or mental distress? Do you have a sensitive nervous system? An Energy Medicine session would be a good fit for you. 

Do you want to experience traditional indigenous healing practices? Shamanic Healing is an ancient practice to balance, heal, and integrate personal and ancestral patterns of dysfunction in your body, life, and energy. 

Hands-on Services

Do you prefer manual techniques like Massage and Bodywork to treat physical pain and stress? Sessions are customized for you and your body's needs. Includes unlimited add-ons like CBD, hot stone, aromatherapy, and more. 

Are you recovering from illness, injury, surgery, or pregnancy? Do you want to boost your immune system, shed excess bodily fluid weight, or prefer gentle manual techniques? 

Do you love the healing effects and deep relaxation of vibration and tone through healing music?  Do you love sound healing but want to try it privately instead of a typical, group setting? *Live instrumentation using chimes, singing bowls, tuning forks, shamanic drum and rattle.

Do you want relief from foot, ankle, leg, hand, wrist, or forearm pain or tension?  *This session is localized but will affect the whole body. 

Event Services

👉 Do you want to plan your next corporate wellness or community event? 

We'll bring all the gear, just provide us the space to bring our magic to you. ✨

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Please start here if you have NOT been treated by OTT before, or, if you HAVE NOT been treated by OTT in 6- months or longer. 

We will discuss your goals to help you find the most suitable treatment, retail products, and educational options available.

Your lifestyle and posture, mobility, and health history will be reviewed in an in-person consultation to determine the best course of treatment. Within three business days of your intake, a unique treatment plan will be created just for you. 

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