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Stay in sync with the Seasons 

Syncing with the seasons helps our bodies achieve homeostasis. Homeostasis is our body's ability to self-regulate through harmonization amongst our well-designed systems, resulting in overall health and wellness. 

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Spring Wellness 

In Spring, the optimal organ to support is the Liver. The Liver is an organ that both eliminates and produces. Its detoxification functions make it a vital part of the immune system. Its creative functions include creation of bile (for digestion) and cholesterol (for Vitamin D production). It also helps with blood sugar maintenance and is a storage place for micronutrients. 

Top Spring Products

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Leg & Foot Massager 


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Body Massager


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Yogi DeTox Tea (4) boxes 


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Organic Immune & Lymphatic Support 

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Foot Bath Massager with Heat

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Adaptogens Detox Tea  (6 boxes) 

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