Planning Your Visit

In stillness, lives wisdom. In quiet, you'll find peace. In solitude, you'll remember yourself. 

~Robin Sharma 


If you drive to our office, there is street-level parking with meters. There is free parking in the attached garage on the lower level, which is covered, and on the upper level which is not covered. The upper level is the most convenient in locating our suite. We are located on the same level as the upper-level parking (Second Floor). There is no bike parking, but we encourage ridesharing or public transportation. 


Please use the facilities prior to your session since we do not have a restroom in our suite. 


You will be directed to a treatment room for a pre-session consultation to discuss areas to address or avoid, and desired goals. We offer complimentary beverages so you may request one before or after your session. 


Some services are received clothed, and others require that the recipient disrobe for the efficacy of treatment. The disrobed client is typically covered by two layers- a sheet and a blanket, with only the area being worked on exposed. All practitioners are Trauma-Informed so we will always respect your comfort level of draping modesty and communicate about appropriate touch and pressure. Some modalities must be scheduled for specific lengths of time, otherwise, services are available from 15 minutes to 90 minutes. 

Keep in mind that there are over 250 types of Massage & Bodywork throughout the world. At our office, we primarily offer integrative Massage Therapy, a session that combines multiple techniques to treat your body’s unique needs. Communicating your preferences will help us meet your expectations. 


You will sanitize your hands and have a consultation with your practitioner regarding their findings and recommendations for aftercare. Payments are primarily digital so you may opt to sign for your purchase. 


Gratuity is appreciated but never expected. Gratuity rates are matched to other service industries like restaurants or hair salons, so 15-20% is standard. If you are paying with an HSA or FSA card, or plan on submitting your receipts to your health insurance provider, then it is recommended that you do not add gratuity on the same payment as your service, due to the likelihood of rejection by your plan's administrator.