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Memberships put your wellness on auto-pilot. Plans start at just $125 per month. With auto-billing and included gratuity, your experience is automated to simplify your holistic treatments. With over a dozen types of massage & bodywork, wellness coaching, and personal development classes, you can enjoy a well-rounded approach.

Monthly memberships include one minimum 60- minute session per month, a free beverage at your office visit, seasonal special offers, and discounts on all purchases. Additional time per session will be billed on the date of service. Unlimited service add-ons like CBD, hot stones. herbal packs, e-stim, aromatherapy, and more are available at no cost for members. Members save on average $900 per year. 

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20% off Retail products

Variable discounts on select classes

Additional sessions per billing cycle, using code MBR15

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