Special Offers 

CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy uses gentle touch manipulation of your head, neck, and the bottom of your spine. Your neck, back, and hips will feel looser and freer-- potentially mitigating pain and improving posture and gait. Cerebrospinal fluid will improve its flow, and you will experience a calmer nervous system. 

*Prices & availability subject to change. 

Acupuncture Special

This session is for patients that are trying Acupuncture for the first time with Dr. Ben. Acupuncture stimulates points on, or under, the skin called Acupressure points, where Qi (chi) will be directed to, or away, from. Acupucture has been utilized for centuries for a slew of health benefits including decreasing pain & headaches, treating infertitlity, and more. 

*Prices & availability subject to change. 

Spring Reiki Special 

In an Energy Healing session like Reiki, the practitioner is trained to access and serve as a channel for the life force (ki/chi). He or she places his or her hands-on, or just above, the client’s body in order to activate healing energy within receptive points. The practitioner’s hands remain in each position for up to five minutes. As a harmonic flow of energy is strengthened, healing occurs through the return of physical, mental, and spiritual balance. Traditionally, this is a clothed service. 

*Prices & availability subject to change. 

Thai Massage 

Traditional Thai Massage techniques are used to stretch and manipulate your muscles, helping to release tension and promote deep relaxation. These techniques are performed clothed on a cushioned floor mat. Why wait? Book your first Thai massage today and discover the many benefits of this ancient healing art. This offer saves you $34 off your first session. 

*Prices & availability subject to change.  

New Patient Special 

This offer includes a thorough one-to-two-hour consultation and treatment session. An in-office assessment takes about 15-30 minutes. This offer includes a chiropractic adjustment (up to 30 mins) or acupuncture treatment (up to 45 mins)

$105 Chiropractic + acupuncture or adjustment (save $30)

*Prices & availability subject to change.